Friday, December 23, 2016

Tarot of the Animal Lords: The Star, The Moon, and The Sun

The Star: The Tarot of the Animal Lords refers to this card as The Stars, indicating that a multitude of stars can guide people. Under a starry sky dominated by one bright star, a seahorse, dressed as a clown, pours water into a mountain lake. As he kneels on a lily pad, a grebe nests on another pad nearby. The substantial size of the lily pads indicate security in navigating the unknown waters. The pair is serene and calm for The Stars will guide both to their purpose in life, although neither will know exactly how. They trust in The Star.

 The Moon: Climbing up a ziggurat stairway, a cat with a staff steps out onto a nebulous quarter moon. Perched on the staff is an owl and dangling from the perch is a crab. The scene is of a dream, an elusive wispy illusion. The whimsy of the owl contrasts with the nightmare of the crab. The cat has the owl to show him the way, while the crab urges him to rely on his intuition. In the space between reality and dreams lies the illusion of The Moon. 

 The Sun: In the glare of the enveloping sun, two hares grasp hands. Surrounded by briars and flowers, the pair dance together on green grass. The hares may be enjoying themselves in the bright sunshine, but for the reader, the sun is too bright to look at. The card cautions not to be “blinded by the light,” but do enjoy the moment. The illumination of The Sun highlights the shadow, which hides just behind the light.

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