Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dolphin and people

Recently a local gas station put up a beautiful statue of a leaping dolphin in from of their building. The dolphin sits next to a busy intersection. Imagine a gas station thinking that dolphins will make people feel good about them! Well, everytime I pass by the Shell station, I feel a smile coming on.

Here is a writing on dolphins.

Dolphin’s qualities are life force energy, manna, inner child and Universal Consciousness.

(Copyright: unknown)

Dolphin medicine people have a strong life force energy within them. They have a loving and tender nature. Within their soul is a young, vibrant and alive child. They love to live near, and connect to the seas and oceans. Other animals connect with these people. They treat all life forms with love, gentleness and compassion. All life is sacred in their eyes. These people are connected to the universal awareness. They have strong psychic gifts and an ability to communicate love and compassion through their eyes. They breathe in the energy of air, and allow this energy to flow through their being. They are people who believe that love can cure all. They are attracted to the ancient arts of yoga and meditation. They understand the workings of our spiritual energy centers. They live their lives through their feeling centers. When a Dolphin medicine person walks into a room, you are filled with love and compassion. As you breathe in their presence you are filled with compassion, hope and gentleness of spirit.

When reversed, Dolphin people have become quite hurt and fearful. They have held their breath and as such, have closed down their ability to love and express themselves. They are denying their inner child access to their outer life. They have become old and set in their ways. They have become stressed out and are causing themselves sickness and emotional trauma. They are refusing to listen to the signals that Mother Earth is sending to them. They have forgotten how to play and enjoy the wonders of life.

Release your breath and remove the fear that is invading you today. Use your breath to remove the negative emotions that are eating away at you. Connect to your inner child.

When Dolphin is your protector and guide, he is calling to you to awaken your love of life. He is telling you to heal your childhood traumas and become playful. Dolphin teaches you the art of release. By breathing in his energy, you release sickness, stress and fear. Become open to your connection to Mother Earth and Great Spirit. Use your qualities of love and compassion to help others heal.

Call on Dolphin to aid you in your healing. His love and compassion will guide you to happiness and fulfilment. Dolphin will teach you the sacred ways of breath. He will show you how to release the old and bring new life force energy into your being.
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