Thursday, August 09, 2007

Why Animal Empowerments?

Animals have gifts that they are willing to offer people. One gift of the animals is their energies to empower people on their journey of life. With their energy gift, animals offer their particular wisdom to the person. People in need of serenity will benefit from Manatee’s soft, calming energy. Meanwhile, Wolf offers people a strong sense of self. For people who need to walk without fear, Jaguar offers his formidable gifts.

For those who are willing to listen and respect the animals, the energy gifts are theirs for the asking. When you first receive their energy, you may notice a powerful shift in the beginning. Your “guide” animal will infuse the energy in you. United with the animal, you will be in tune with their wisdom. Because you receive inner guidance from the animal, you will have a healthier point of view.

How does an empowerment works? Feeling stifled? Killer Whale will help you facilitate a process of self-transformation. She will swim with you, teaching you, your soul song. Together, you will enjoy the richness that life has to offer.

Feeling poor? Buffalo will adopt you into his herd. He shows you how to create abundance. As the Native Americans know, He fosters abundance through his life. Roam with Buffalo and know prosperity.

As you can see animals, many benefits come from the animals. Have them infuse you with their gifts, and see your life change. Just ask, and the animal will help.

("Heart" by Maryann Sterling)
For those interested in empowerments. I will be at the Holistic Health Fair in Dale City, Virginia ( ), on September 9, to do the empowerments in person.

If you can’t make it, I offer distance empowerments. Check out Animal Teachers: Empowerments:

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