Monday, August 20, 2007

Finding Your Tree Guide

Unlike animals, trees do not move. However, like animals, trees have particular personalities and teachings. Trees, that grow by running water, will have a feeling movement within them. Meanwhile, trees in fields reflect the peaceful energies of those places.

To know a tree is a subtle and quiet process. Each group of trees (grove) has a head tree that needs to be acknowledged. This tree is usually the oldest or tallest. Once you speak to the leader tree, you can freely walk among the other trees. Remember though, some trees prefer not to be touched, while others beckon to be sat under. As you open yourself up to the trees, you will feel one call to you.

Trees are subtle in their relations with people. For a response, watch the movement of the leaves or the dropping of a nut. Sometimes, you will feel energy from the trunk of the tree. Rarely are trees dramatic in what they do. Trees move very slowly, and are in no hurry. They expect the same from people.

When you are with a tree, watch, listen, and remember. Your experience may not seem much to you at the time. Over time though, the tree’s answer will have relevance. Be calm when conversing with a tree. Remember to thank the tree, when you leave.

During a hurricane, a huge oak crashed into my living room. Why this tree chose my condo to die in, I did not know at the time. Later, I discovered that He passed his strength on to me. He opened the door to other worlds for me to step through. The oak has been my companion on my walk. Trees offer their wisdom to those who listen quietly and with an open heart.

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