Monday, April 07, 2008

Guardian Dragons

One Nature Spirit that people are fond of is the dragon. Many of our experiences with them are usually with the “small ones”. Being curious, young dragons find people fun and intriguing. For these reasons, they enjoy the company of humans.

Usually a younger dragon, who likes to play, will become a guardian dragon. Sometimes, an older dragon will ask you to mentor a young dragon. Watching you unawares, the older one has decided that you are mature and steady, qualities of a good dragon mentor. Although the older dragon will guide you, understand that you have the responsibility of caring for the dragon “child”. (Age in dragons is different than with people. They age more slowly.) Remember in your relationship with these two different dragons, that they have placed their trust in you. Treat both with love and consideration.

Before inviting a guardian dragon into your home, first make it “dragon friendly”. Place dragon pictures around your house. Have gems, crystals, beads, bells, and bright shiny pendulums for them to play with. “Baby” dragons love to swing on pendulums and bounce up and down.

At first, you will only sense their presence. You will see an eye, a flash of wings, or a face in the window. Eventually, when the dragon feels comfortable, they will make themselves visible to you. When that happens, speak to them kindly. Enjoy their antics, and include the dragon in your daily activities. Remember to leave them little gifts, and above all express your love to your guardian dragon.

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