Thursday, April 24, 2008

Periwinkle (2)

On my walks around the neighborhood, I connected with this plant elder. Whenever, I went, I encountered “many hills of purple”. In his natural places, I could relate to Periwinkle and meditate with Him.

Periwinkle is a plant of the semi-wild places, and not of the home. Silvanus, the Roman God of the uncultured land and woods, watches over this plant elder. It is best to meet Periwinkle outdoors on the fringes of gardens.

I understand why Periwinkle has so much strength and intensity. This plant elder is a wild untamed flower living in the city. Periwinkle creeps around seemingly tame, but then takes over without notice. For me, this plant cannot be contained on an altar but must be free. I see Periwinkle as a Spirit of the Semi-wild Places.

Meditations on Periwinkle

Periwinkle, Your Most Purpleness
Periwinkle, Your Most Intenseness
You envelope me.

Your blossom small
Hides your spirit wild.
I say to all
Watch for the Periwinkle.

Note: I think of Periwinkle as a male.

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