Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wisdom of the Bee Family

Making Choices

Bees belong to the order Hymenoptera (membrane winged), whose members have two pairs of thin, clear membranous wings. Also, included in this order are Wasps and Ants.

The two Bees that most people are familiar with are Honey Bee and Bumble Bee. These Social Bees are organized into colonies, with each member of the community having certain responsibilities to fulfill. Queen Bee builds the nest and lays the eggs. Worker Bee searches for nectar and pollen to take back to the nest.

Besides Social Bees, there are Solitary Bees such as Leafcutter Bee, Carpenter Bee, and Mason Bee. Leafcutter Bee constructs her nests with leaves and wood. Carpenter Bees construct their homes in solid wood by forming tunnels. Despite their resemblance to Bumble Bees, Carpenter Bees are loath to sting anyone. In some species of Carpenter Bees, Mother Bee and her entire family fly off to search for nectar and pollen, together. Mason Bees are similar to Carpenter Bees except that They wall off their tunnel chambers with dirt and clay.

One of the busiest and most useful of insects, Bee asks you to examine your own productivity in life. Bee reflects multiple choices. When opportunities present themselves, Bee teaches you to sort through for the most important one.

Bee's Wisdom Includes:
Frugalness and Hard Work
Fertility and the Honey of Life

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