Monday, June 30, 2008

Other Worldly Beings: Walk-Ins

After watching “HOUSE, MD” (2004 -, Jacobs and Shore), I realized that Dr. Eric Foreman is a walk-in. In “House vs. God” (219), Dr. Foreman’s co-workers describe him as a “selfish jerk”. Little caring what they think, he acts callously towards them. His team member, Dr. Allison Cameron despises him for stealing her paper and presenting it as his own. Meanwhile, Foreman fights constantly with Dr. Gregory House, his team leader, over procedures.

During “Euphoria” (220-21), Foreman becomes deathly ill. Fearful of dying, he spends his time pleading with and then tormenting Cameron. One moment, he tells her that he is her friend. Then Foreman taunts her claiming that she is indifferent about his impending death. In an act of desperation, Foreman sticks Cameron with a needle infecting her with his disease.

To find a cure, Cameron performs a white brain biopsy on Foreman. Because this is the thinking part of his brain, Foreman is placed into a deep coma. After coming out of the coma, he mistakes his right hand for his left leg. When he returns to work (“Forever” (222)), Foreman forgets how to make coffee. However, there are too many loose ends to be explained only by brain damage.

Foreman’s entire personality changes. Instead of his white lab coat, he now wears comfortable clothes. Cheerfully, Foreman greets everyone. Then the formally avowed atheist prays, surprising people. This newly compassionate Foreman confuses Cameron. Then, he upsets House by refusing to fight with him.

Too many unexplained changes suggest that Foreman is now a walk-in. Faced with the fear of death, and agony over what a mess his life is, Foreman (1) realized that he could not live on Earth anymore. Foreman (2) switched bodies offering relief to Foreman (1), and a chance to redo his life at another time.

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