Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Wisdom of the Crawling Ones

The Crawling Ones are usually small, creepy, and crawly. Moreover, They give many people "the creeps." Go beyond the “ick factor” and learn what Crawling Ones have to say. They are opportunists, and one of the most diversified life forms.

As long as people have been on Earth, Insects have been a part of their lives. Insects provide food or live off people; protect or ravage crops. One fourth of all living animals are Insects. They are found in every place on Earth, adapting to all sorts of environments.

Social Insects live in communities. Their nests seem busy and chaotic but these Insects are performing specific tasks. To insure the group's survival, the individuals have a clearly defined role. Each nest forms a tightly knit unit, with the Queen as the driving force.

One characteristic is that all Insects share is that They undergo transformations as They mature. From the egg stage to the voracious larval stage, Insects mature into breeding adults. This process known as metamorphosis, has advantages because it allows several generations to live together and not compete for living space and food.

The non-insect Crawling Ones impart their own wisdom. Worms and Slugs, two different orders of animals, feed on decaying plant matter, producing livable soil. Snails control pests in gardens. These Crawling Ones may seem 'gross', but They do a lot of good.

Most people do not like Crawling Ones, and therefore do not differentiate between any of Them. For example to many people, all Flies or Bees are alike. Flies range from the bloodsucking Mosquito to the beneficial Robber Fly. Although Bumble Bees and Honey Bees are Social Bees, They differ in subtle ways. Bumble Bees keep messy nests, while Honey Bees are more methodical. Read the Individual Teacher Pages for their wisdom.

Since to many people, all Crawling Ones seem alike, a family page will be provided as a starting point. Each Individual Member has things in common that the Family can teach for example Flies and Dragonflies are skilled fliers. Read both the family page and individual pages for the wisdom that They impart.

Crawling Ones' Wisdom Include:

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