Monday, June 21, 2010

HAMERKOP (HAMMERHEAD): Follow Your Passion

Hamerkop, a small heron-like Bird, is well known for his large nest. His name “Hamerkop” comes from his permanently erect crest of feathers. This crest is usually shaped into a distinctive hammer shape. Because Hamerkop is similar to both Herons and Storks, He is placed in his own family, the Scopidae.

Besides his nest and crest, Hamerkop has other notable traits, as well. One is a ceremony where ten Birds run in a circle. As They flutter their wings, the Hamerkops call out loudly. Then, They all raise their crests. Another is to call shrilly before a rainstorm. Also early in the morning, Hamerkop patrols the highways looking for road kill for his morning meal.

What Hamerkop is most famous for is his huge dome-shaped nest. He and his Mate construct their nest out of 10,000 sticks on a tree fork. Building this massive structure, one Hamerkop will pass a stick through the nest, whilst the other one pulls it inside. Then They place the finishing touches on their huge nest. While one Hamerkop lines it with grass, the other one coats it with mud. When They are finished, their nest will range six feet (1.5 meters) in width. So well constructed is this nest that a man can easily stand on it.

Hamerkop’s nest is a major feature of the African countryside. In fact, many Birds will append their nests on to the Hamerkop’s nest. But Barn Owl will force the Hamerkops out, and use their nest, Herself. However once Owl leaves, the Hamerkops return to reclaim their nest. Once They have abandoned their nest, other Animals will use it as their new home.

Hamerkop makes an impregnable and mysterious nest. Because of his nest’s immense size and inaccessibility, many Africans consider Hamerkop to possess magical powers. If a Hamerkop lands on your roof, someone you know will die. Under the protection of Khauna, anyone robbing a Hamerkop’s nest will be struck by lightening. Furthermore according to the Malagasy, anybody who destroys the nest will get leprosy.

Following his passion, Hamerkop builds his wondrous nest of magic. Many will benefit from this with new homes. Only those who seek to rob Him of his achievements will feel his destructive magic. Be in awe of Hamerkop’s accomplishments, and know that you too can achieve great things. Do what you love and create magic urges Hamerkop.

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