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Dyads and Dualities

To understand dyads and dualities, I labeled twelve pennies with the dyads listed on Table One.  I chose a variety from several groupings to discern any emerging patterns.  After testing by different manners of throwing – all at once, one at a time, and so forth, I recorded the results on Table Two.

Dyads/ Dualities

Chinese Taosim
Yin         Yang
Earth                    Heaven
Feminine              Masculine
Negative              Positive
Darkness              Light

Goddess              God
Mother                Father
Isis                        Osiris
Artemis                Apollo
Moon                   Sun
Crescent              Horns
Spiral                    Staff
Cat                        Stag
Dog                       Wolf

The results from the various throws are on Table Two.  I refer to the receptive side as “Yin” and the dominant one as “Yang”. This duality seems fitting in this exercise. The Yin side appeared more than the Yang side.  The most throws were “Artemis”, “Isis”, and “Darkness”.  It is notable that the two Goddesses appeared with “Darkness”.  The three mesh well together, since both Goddesses deal in shadows.  In contrast, Apollo, one of the least throws, is my “shadow” God Patron, since He pushes me beyond my comfort zone.  He is associated with “Sun”, and “Light” in mythology.  (These two Gods have been two dualities in my life.  In my life, Artemis (as Diana) is “Light”, while Apollo is “Shadow” even though in myths, They have the opposite attributes.

The balanced pairs pointed to a male-female balance which seems to be stable.  “Artemis”, who represented by “Stag” was partially balanced in this way.  However, “Apollo” was neither “Light” nor “Sun”, and therefore remains imbalanced.

All Throws
Yin: 56
Yang: 40
(Total: 96)

Appeared Most: Artemis, Isis, Darkness (All Yin)
Appeared Least: Apollo, Osiris, Light (All Yang)

Balanced Pairs:

Unbalanced Pairs:

I decided to explore further whether handedness affected what side appeared.  As a left-handed person, I am aware that “left” is receptive, while the opposite is true for me.  Of course, the right hand would pose the same dichotomy.  The results are listed in Table Three and Table Four.

For the throws of each hand, the results of these throws mirror the other.  The Left hand had twenty-four “yang” throws while the Right hand had twenty-four “yin” throws.  This to me indicated balance within myself between the two dualities (left/right and dominant/recessive).

Looking deeper at the throws done by the Left hand, it revealed an interesting pattern.  “Artemis”, which received the most throws, was paired with “Father”.  The male and female duality was still retained in this odd pairing.  Moreover, “Artemis” in my case matched the dominant and recessive qualities of a dominant left hand.  (However, the least amount of throws did not include “Apollo”.) The male/female duality was retained.

Left Hand (dominant)
Yin: 15
Yang: 24
(Total: 39)

Appeared Most: Artemis (Yin), Father (Yang)
Appeared Least: Negative (Yin), Mother (Yin), Masculine (Yang)

Balanced Pairs:

Unbalanced Pairs:

Examining the Right hand showed another surprise.  None of the sides which had the most throws were among the main list of Table Two.  No dualities appeared.  They simply reinforced the “Yin” aspects of my right hand.  However, the balanced pairs did reflect the duality that “Earth/Heaven” has with “Darkness/Light”.  The Right hand had less to with the male/female than with the yang/yin dyad.

Right hand (recessive)
Yin: 24
Yang: 15
(Total: 39)

Appeared Most: Negative, Spiral, and Dog (all Yin)
Appeared Least: Staff, Wolf (all Yang)
Balanced Pairs:

Unbalanced Pairs:

I conclude from this exercise that the dualities try to assert themselves in subtle ways.  In the micro-sense of the Left hand/Right hand, “Mother” and “Masculine” asserted themselves through the “Artemis” and “Father” results.  Looking at Left hand versus Right hand, “Negative” which received no throws for the Left hand appeared the most for the Right hand.  In the macro-sense, the two hands mirrored each other.  Only when both hands (eighteen throws) were used in throwing did the “Yin” throws outnumber the “Yang” throws.  I have no idea as to why unless it was in reference to my sex and handedness. 

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