Wednesday, June 22, 2011

YELLOW-BELLIED SEA SNAKE (Pelagic Sea Snake): Warning

 Diving deep into the ocean waters, Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake can stay underwater for about three hours.  She can do this because of her aquatic lung which stretches the length of her body.  The muscles of her lung keep pumping air through her body on her dives.
            Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake is the most recognized of Marine Snakes in the world.  One reason is her distinctive colors of bright yellow and blue-black.  These colors warn Sharks and others that She is venomous.  One bite from Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake will bring death, for her venom is the most powerful in the world.
            Also called Pelagic Sea Snake, Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake is at home in the open sea.  She is the most widespread of Snakes living in the Pacific and Indian Oceans.  Well-equipped for a marine life, Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake has glands to rid her body of salt under her tongue.  Moreover, She also gives birth at sea to live young.
            Drifting together on the oceans’ currents, thousands of Yellow-Bellied Sea Snakes congregate at sea forming a huge slick (raft).  No one is sure why They do this.  Some think that it is a way to attract Fish, who mistake the slick for seaweed.  This is probably one way that Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake and her friends hunt for Fish.
            With her bright colors and bold patterns, Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake warns others that death is near.  Heeding her messages, divers and others remain cautious around Her.  However unwary Fish mistake her slick for shelter, not noticing the danger.  Heed the warnings of Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake and be safe.  Do not be oblivious like some Fish, and get killed.

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