Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TAIPAN FAMILY: Building a Reputation

            Members of the Taipan Family possess the most toxic venom of the land Snakes.  Their name “Taipan” comes from the myth of Wik-Mungkan Aboriginal People (of Australia) about a colorful serpent that was stretched across the sky like a rainbow.  These Snakes may not be rainbow colored but They do change their colors according to the seasons.  Endemic to Australia and Papua New Guinea, Taipans have earned their reputation for being dangerous from their deadly and swift attacks.
            Taipans (Inland Taipan (also known as “Fierce Snake”), Coastal Taipan, and Central Ranges Taipan) are mammal hunting specialists.  Striking fast and accurately, They avoid injury to Themselves.  Taipans, then, release their struggling victims, and later track down the dying Rats for a meal.
            Although the venom of Taipans is toxic, deaths from bites from these Snakes are rare.  Less toxic Snakes such as Black Mamba of Africa account for more deaths.  What makes this more noticeable is that Taipans hunt for Rats in human settlements.  They can be found slithering through trash piles looking for these Rodents.  Reasons for lower statistics of deaths by Taipans are complex.  One is that Taipans will usually retreat when sensing humans nearby.  Another is that Australians are aware of this deadly Snake when walking about in the Bush.
            Taipans demonstrate the power of building a good reputation.  Because of the toxicity of her venom, Inland Taipan is known as “Fierce Snake”.  Also, Taipans are greatly feared by people because of their deadly strike.  However, She and the Others do good things for humans by specializing in hunting “plague” (Norway) Rats.  Furthermore overlooked by humans is the ability of these Snakes to rid their towns of Rats.  Be careful of what reputation you build.  Remember that the good you do could be overlooked.  

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