Sunday, July 31, 2011


The largest land Mammal ever to ever walk on the earth was Paraceratherium, who lived thirty-five million years ago.  Taller than a house, She was the size of dinosaurs.  A member of the Odd-toed Mammal Order (Perissodactyla), Paraceratherium was an ancient relative of Rhinoceros.  Using her prehensile (mobile and gripping) upper lip, She ate from the tops of the trees, grinding the leaves with her cheek teeth.  Based on the fossil record, She lived in Central Asia during a time of forests and savannahs.
            Because of her tremendous size, Paraceratherium needed to roam long distances to find adequate food and water.  However, She could store water and fat as energy reserves, while She traveled.  Since Paraceratherium could live to be eighty years old, She probably had a good memory, and could find the same elusive watering holes during droughts.  Based on the fossil record, Paraceratherium lived in small groups, and had one calf every two years.
            Because of her huge size, Paraceratherium was in no danger of being attacked.  A gentle animal, She fed only on leaves.  Although huge, Paraceratherium could lay on the ground, and be light on her feet.  Living a life of gentleness, Paraceratherium moved through her world with grace and dignity.  She understood the value of being calm and quiet.  Let Her teach you these ideals as well.

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