Monday, July 18, 2011

Tarot: My Imaginary Deck: Prehistoric Animals

If I designed a Tarot deck ….notes on my imagined Tarot deck.

Subject: Prehistory
Shape: Round for shades of meaning
Colors: Bright, attractive

Fool (0): First land animal, Hynerpeton (proto-salamander)
Empress (III): Lucy (Australopithecus, early human)
Emperor (IV): Tyrannosaurus Rex (dinosaur)
Death (XIII): Utahraptor (dinosaur)
Tower (XIV):  Asteroid hitting the earth

Minor Suits:
Fire (Wands): Represented by a flame.  Depictions of dinosaurs and reptiles
Air (Swords): Represented by a cloud.  Depictions of flying animals, birds, and insects
10 of Air: Gastornis (a terror bird)
Earth (Pentacles): Represented by a mountain. Depictions of mammals
4 of Earth: Doedicurus (giant armadillo)
Water (Cups): Represented by a water drop.  Depictions of water animals and salamanders

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