Monday, August 22, 2011

Astrology: Virgo (1 of 3)

Writing about my own Sign of the Zodiac has been difficult for me.  I know five people who are Virgos, and each of them is quite different from one another.  I had trouble in understanding how all of us could be Virgos.  Also, I was afraid that I will start to believe all that is written about Virgos will be entirely true for me.  However after researching this Sign, I was surprised at the wide range of characteristics that this Sign encompassed.  I was relieved to discover that there was enough latitude to include me and my friends.

The time of year that Virgo covers is from August 23 to September 23.  This is the clove time between summer (which is ending) and fall (which is beginning).  The Sign Virgo depicts a woman with a sheaf of wheat.  This image speaks of careful husbandry which ends in a bountiful harvest. The time of Virgo is the start of the harvest season.  

Virgo is the last of the six Signs of the Zodiac associated with individual development.  As an Earth Sign, Virgo examines what works and what does not in social relations.  Under Virgo’s direction, an individual learns what constitutes a healthy relationship.  Now a whole person, they can enter any relationship as an equal.

The trees that correspond to this Sign are nut trees.  These trees require time and attention to bring forth fruit.  They symbolize Virgo’s relationship as individual with the whole.  Like the Virgin, nut trees are nourishing and self-contained.  Like nut trees, Virgo is whole and complete.  

In Astrology, Virgo is an Earth Sign.  This means that Virgos are grounded and practical.  People of this Sign prefer order and structure.  As an Earth Sign, Virgo is also considered to be a Negative Sign as well.  This means that Virgos are more introverted and sensitive than the Fire Signs such as Aries.

Also in Astrology, Virgo is a mutable Sign.  This means that she is flexible in her interactions.  But, Virgo’s earth element helps to keep her grounded in her focus.  Virgo does desire order and structure in her life but is adaptable in how to achieve this.  However, people of this Sign are more willing to change than are people of Taurus, a fixed Earth Sign.

The planet Mercury governs Virgo, thereby enabling her to weave facts into a whole picture.  Moreover, she uses the creative urges of Mercury to form a work of art.  A typical Virgo trait is to separate the wheat from the chaff, and bake it into a whole loaf of truth.  Under Mercury’s influence, Virgo employs a strong sense of logic.  In addition, Mercury enhances Virgo’s analyzing skills with concise thinking.  Because of Mercury’s quickness, Virgo’s earthiness comes out as commonsense.  

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