Thursday, August 25, 2011

Astrology: Virgo (3 of 3)

Other astrologers have constructed non-traditional correspondences for Virgo.  In “auz astrology”, Ann Williams-Fitzgerald has the echidna as Virgo’s animal representative.  The echidna is an ancient montromene living in Australia.  Also called “spiny anteater”, the echidna lives by herself, and needs no one else.  An egg layer, the echidna also has bird and reptile characteristics as well as mammal ones.  Virgo, an Earth Sign governed by Mercury, has quicksilver qualities like an Air Sign.  Like the echidna, Virgo has a combination of elements that ensures her survival.

Sometimes when something gets too close, the echidna will lift her spines.  In establishing her boundaries, this animal exemplifies Virgo’s tendency to find fault with others.  When the female echidna is bothered, she withdraws further into the brush, leading a train of male echidnas wanting to mate, behind her.  Virgo does the same when she finds people to be too much.  To counteract this tendency, Ms. Williams-Fitzgerald counsels Virgo with “I move forward and welcome growth.”

Meanwhile Linda Star Wolf and Ruby Falconer in “Shamanic Egyptian Astrology” associate the Goddess Nekhbet with Virgo.  The Goddess of the White Crown of Egypt (Upper Egypt), Nekhbet guides the Pharaohs since they were her children.  Nekhbet, the Ancient Mother, offers counsel in the difference between service and servitude.  Nekhbet’s attributes are reflected in Virgo’s sense of judgment and service, and well as her desire to counsel.  Ms. Star Wolf and Falconer tell Virgos to look to the Ancient Mother to purify themselves of their need to be responsible for everything.

The Sign of Virgo does have a broad range of traits that does include the major aspects of my friends’ personalities.  The differences amongst my friends could be because of other astrological influences, since we were born on different days and years.  That would probably explain the non-Virgo aspects of my personality.

In general, Virgos are creative and dependable, but can easily become cold and detached.  With their quick minds, Virgos are lovers of knowledge.  Virgos can offer order and structure to others but also can fall into ruts themselves.  Like all people, Virgos have their good and bad sides.  They strive to be of service to others and for perfection at the same time.

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