Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Astrology: Virgo (2 of 3)

According to astrologists, various Star Signs are better compatible with some than others.  Virgos make good companions for Cancers, Scorpios, and Pisces, which are all Water Signs.  Meanwhile, the Air Signs especially Gemini and Libra make life more difficult for earthy Virgo.  Their airy qualities are too much for grounded Virgo.  Because Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth Signs, they are too alike to Virgo’s personality.  Because of this, people of these Signs tend to pick at each other.  The Fire Signs Aries and Leo generally misunderstand Virgo.  Known as the “friend of the Zodiac”, Sagittarius, a Fire Sign, could be a companion of Virgo.

The personality keynote or phrase associated with Virgo is “I analyze.”  This statement reflects Virgo’s qualities of criticism, discernment, exactness, and reflection.  With her inquiring mind, Virgo loves to research just for the fun of it.  Since she likes to get into the workings of concepts and ideas, Virgo could be considered a “nerd”.  

This keynote statement also points out the shadow side of Virgo.  People of this Sign have a propensity to overanalyze.  In her constant striving towards perfectionism, Virgo forgets that “the perfect is the enemy of the good”.  Her continual analyzing can lead to paralysis.

In fact, Virgos can drive people crazy with their fussiness and preciseness.  Their methodical ways can turn their lives into a rut.  Turning inwards, Virgos often let their imaginations run wild.  Because of this, they are more prone to suffer from imagined illnesses, melancholia, and depression.  To move out of the morass, the Virgo sense of discernment needs to be encouraged.

During the time period of this Sign, the Constellation of Virgo reigns.  The figure usually identified with the Virgo Constellation is Dike, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom and Justice.  According to the Greek myths, Dike walked amongst people during the Golden Age of Man.  During this time, She gladly dispensed wisdom and justice to all.  However as the Ages of Man deteriorated to the Iron Age, humans became more petty and quarrelsome.  Dike tried to continue to teach people but became discouraged since they ignored Her.  Finally in disgust, She ascended into the heavens next to the Scales of Justice (Libra).

This Greek myth speaks to Virgo’s love of wisdom and order.  Like Dike, Virgo wants to counsel others.  Because of her sense of order, Virgo tries to settle disputes.  However like Dike, when Virgo is discouraged, she withdraws in disgust.  The shadow side is Virgo’s remoteness from humanity.

The colors associated with Virgo are navy blue and dark grey.  According to the “Colors of Magick”, grey stands for the mastery of lore.  Study in this area of magick suits the Virgo temperament.  Virgos are happiest when mastering arcane knowledge found deep in lore.

The closest color to navy in the “Colors of Magick” is indigo.  Although indigo is a deep blue mixed with purple, it does have the dark blue common to navy.  Indigo is the color of wizardry.  This area of magick pushes the boundaries of the known world further.  Using truth and imagination, a wizard sees beyond this world into the next one.  This meshes well with Virgo’s personality of detecting patterns and seeing a whole picture.  However Virgos have the propensity to conjure up imaginary fears and dark corners.  This can lead to Virgos entering a period of lethargy.

Navy is blue mixed with black.  This color combines communication with darkness.  Navy reflects Virgo’s consummate communication skills, and as well as her propensity to nit-pick and be overcritical.  Meanwhile, grey combines the enlightenment of white with black.  This means that Virgo’s tempered judgment can be used for good or ill.  However, grey remains neutral, but offers the release from the darkness of thought that Virgos need.

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