Thursday, December 29, 2011

Art and Nature: The Elements and Principles of Art (applied)

My Scribble Art

Elements of Art
1.      Lines:  My scribble drawing has soft curves and waves that lead the eye around the drawing.  Within the drawing are some sharp lines.  These lines give the drawing a needed contrast to the rounded lines.

2.      Shapes: Many of the shapes are freeform surrounding the circle which dominates the drawing.  However, several triangles balance the roundness of the circle.

3.      Color:  The colors are the warm palette of yellow, orange, and red.  These analogous colors are bright in their intensity.  However the pink and yellow colors are mixed with white and the maroon color is mixed with black.  The yellow and pink become decreased in value, while the maroon becomes increased in value, thereby creating a subtle contrast.

Principles of Design

1.      Balance:  The placement of the same colors on either half balances the painting in a symmetrical sense.  The two halves are not exactly alike but have enough dominant red and orange colors to offset the purple and pink colors.  Meanwhile, the purple and pink shapes also balance each other as well.

2.      Variety:  Variety is achieved by the purple and pink shapes.  In the middle is the maroon shape which differs from both the red and orange shapes.  Meanwhile, the yellow shapes perk up the reds and oranges, and offers excitement to the viewer.  Adding to the round shapes are the variety of the pointed shapes among them.

3.      Harmony:  The rounded shapes and analogous colors blend together, and flow from one space to another.

4.      Emphasis:  The eye is attracted to the purple oval dot and later to the pink triangle.  Then the orange spike attracts the eye leading it to the yellow and purple areas.

5.      Rhythm and movement:  A soft rhythm comes through the alternating red and orange shapes, and the roundish and sharper shapes.  Movement comes from the yellow shapes on either side of the orange shapes on the circle’s circumference.

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