Friday, December 02, 2011

SCIMITAR CAT FAMILY (Homotheriae): Wholeness

The Machairodontinae (Saber-toothed Cat) Sub-family was split into three groups, one of which was the Scimitar Cat Family (Homotheriae).  This group was named for their long canines which resembled curved swords (scimitars).  Living during the Pleistocene epoch (five million years ago to half a million years ago), Scimitar Cats were contemporaries of the more famous Smilodons.  Although They were less abundant than Saber-toothed Cats, Scimitar Cats had a greater range.  While Smilodons lived only in the New World, Scimitar Cats ranged from Africa, Eurasia, and North America.
            As large as modern Lions, Scimitar Cats looked like a cross between a Cheetah and a Hyena.  Sleek as a Cheetah, Scimitar Cats had a hyena-like body.  This enabled Them to chase prey over long distances, and then pounce much like Hyenas.
            In caves, many bones of Scimitar Cats were found amongst those of baby Mammoths.  This demonstrates that Scimitar Cats probably lived and hunted in packs.  The adults would kill the Mammoths, and then drag the carcasses back to the caves.  There the elderly and young would feast along with the adults.
            Scimitar Cats are both tough and tender.  Terrors to their prey, Scimitar Cats are gentle to their own kind.  Displaying their two sides, Scimitar Cats show that we are neither all good nor all bad but both.  To be a complete being, we need to accept both of our selves.  Let Scimitar Cats show you how embrace the wholeness of self.  You can be tough and tender as long as you accept who you are.

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