Saturday, December 03, 2011

SABER-TOOTHED CAT (Smilodon): Stop Excessive Worry

One of the icons of the Ice Age, Smilodon (Saber-toothed Cat) was well-known for her long canines called “saber-teeth”.  Because of the huge quantity of fossils remains found at Rancho La Brea tar deposits in Los Angeles, California, this Cat has become one of the best known Mammals of the Pleistocene period (two million years ago to 10,000 years ago).  She had come to feast on the Mammoths who became trapped in the tar.  Many of the fossils found in the tar pits suggest that Smilodon lived in families, since some of the bones were of crippled or arthritic Cats.  This indicates that Smilodon cared for these infirmed members of her pride.
Besides her distinctive teeth, Smilodon had other notable characteristics such as a short tail. Unlike other Cats, Smilodon did not use her tail for balance.  Also, She could roar like a Lion and startle her prey into confusion before killing them.
When fossils of Smilodon were first discovered, many people immediately imagined a terrible monster that had come to life.  Called a “Tiger”, Smilodon supposedly terrorized everyone including cave people with her monster teeth and claws.  She became a scary monster from the past who stalked the grasslands of time and into our dreams.
However, Smilodon is a victim of our wild imagining.  Since many of us are classic worriers, we usually picture the worst.  When we finally confront the reality, we realize that our worries were small and silly.  When you start to worry excessively, you need to recall that Smilodon cared for those less fortunate. The terrifying monster of our imagination turns out to be a devoted family member.  Stop your excessive worrying commands Smilodon, and calm down.

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