Sunday, January 12, 2014

LLAMA: Watchfulness and Protection

Much more attractive than her cousin Dromedary Camel, Llama nonetheless has the same facial characteristics as He does–long eyelashes and long lips. For centuries, the people of the Andes in South America used Llama for transportation and food. Bred from wild Guanaco, Llama walks sure-footedly along high mountain paths. She moves with both feet on the same side of her body at the same time, to keep her balance. Unlike Horse, Llama does not suffer from mountain sickness.

Llama was important to the Incas. She carried their loads when they built their cities, roads, and irrigation systems. Still important today, Llama helps the people of the Andes, doing what She has been doing for centuries.

To express Herself, Llama hums or voices, "Orgle! Orgle!" She hums to her Baby (Cria) to assure Him that everything is all right. Different hums have different meanings. If She sees someone ready to harm her herd, Llama gives a loud orgle alarm. A chuckle followed by a snort means “BACK OFF!”

The Incas of South America had small stone images called conopas for their homes. These conopas were charged with protecting the home and the people inside. Many conopas were of Llama, who is fierce when protecting those left in her charge. She will attack the intruder by slashing with her front feet. Not only that, but She will orgle to warn everyone of danger. Llama is neither large nor powerful, but She guards well. Like Llama, you can learn to watch over your loved ones.

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