Wednesday, January 22, 2014


The Incas of South America said that Alpaca was a gift from Mama Pacha, the Earth Mother, a gift loaned to them for only as long as Alpaca was properly cared for. Magical and beguiling, Alpaca was treasured by the Incas for her fine wool. To the Incas, textiles were a source of wealth. They believed that if you stole and wore your enemy’s clothing, you had power over him. Since Alpaca's wool produced the softest and finest textiles, the Incas regarded Alpaca to be an animal of power.

To conquer the Incas, the Spanish had to kill off as many Alpacas that they could. To escape the invading Spaniards, some Incas fled to the high Andean plateaus. To save Alpaca, they took Her with them to places the Spanish could not go.

Then in the early 1800s, the Europeans discovered the softness of Alpaca’s wool. They encouraged the Peruvians to raise more Alpacas. The British Royal Family, like the Inca Royal Family centuries before, favored Alpaca's wool for their winter clothing.

Alpaca was safe, until the late 1900s, when Peruvian terrorists began killing them off. Again, Alpaca was saved by people who cared about her. The governments of Bolivia, Chile, and Peru sent Alpacas to Canada, the United States, and New Zealand to save Them. Through human efforts, Alpaca was safe again.

What was it about Alpaca that inspired people to help Her? Because of her hardy nature and gentleness, Alpaca kept people from harm with her warm wool. Out of love, they saved Her and cared for Her. They kept Her from harm by taking Her to safety. As Alpaca proves, love is powerful.

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