Saturday, February 01, 2014


Dromedary Camel is well adapted for extreme climates and harsh terrains. His hairy ears and heavy eyebrows with long eyelashes protect Dromedary Camel’s face from the sun and blowing sand. He eats vegetation that other desert animals cannot tolerate. Since He sweats very little, Dromedary Camel can go long periods without drinking.

Dromedary Camel’s hump stores fat for times when food is scarce. When food is plentiful, He overeats and stores the excess in his hump. Full of excess fat, his hump is erect and plump. When food is scarce, Dromedary Camel lives off the stored fat in his hump. As the fat is used up, his hump shrinks and flops over to one side.

Contrary to popular belief, Dromedary Camel is not bad-tempered and stubborn. He is actually patient and intelligent. What people account for stubbornness is Dromedary Camel saying, “NO!” When his load is too heavy or unbalanced, He will refuse to stand up. Only when the pack loader readjusts his pack will Dromedary Camel rise.

Dromedary Camel teaches the value of saying No. He is willing to help people except when He believes that He will get hurt. Then, Dromedary Camel says “NO!” He refuses to budge until it is safe to do so. From Dromedary Camel, learn that saying No can save your life.

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