Monday, February 17, 2014

Divination: Norse Runes: Consecration Ritual write-up

 In order to consecrate my Rune set, I first researched how to conduct a Norse ritual. I also looked up what Gods governed the Runes and divination (in general). Afterwards, I wrote a simple ritual to ask the Gods to consecrate my Runes.

 To prepare for the ritual, I first took a bath. (As a Roman Pagan, I believe that ritual purity is important. For me, it is a part of showing piety to the Gods.) Then I cleansed the area where I would do the ritual. While preparing my ritual space, I laid out my divination cloth and Runes. Setting up an incense burner and lighting a candle, I then played several pieces of classical music to appease the Gods. (Roman Pagans play music to cover any imperfections during the ritual.)

 When I was finished setting up my sacred space, I hallowed the ritual space using the Hammer Sign. Calling on Thunor (Thor), the God of Thunder, I asked Him to protect the space for the duration of the ritual. Offering incense to Sibb (Sif), the Wife of Thunor, I asked Her to sanctify the space. (My relations with the Gods of the Runes are with the Anglo-Saxon Gods.)

 After doing that, I hailed the Anglo-Saxon Gods who govern the Runes and divination. They are Woden (Odin), who brought the Runes to the Worlds, Frige (Frigga), who read the Runes but kept her own counsel, and Freo (Freya), who is a Seidhkona (a Norse shaman). Freo is, also, noted for unraveling the Wyrd (fate) of people.

I regard the Norns (Fates) to be the most important for consecrating the Runes and for guiding their use in divination. These “Weavers of the Wyrd” are Urahr (what has become), Verdhandi (what is becoming), and Skuld (what shall be). For the Norse and Germanic peoples, They are the Weavers of our fates (Wyrd). To honor Them, I read a verse from the “Voluspa,” of the “Poetic Eddas.”

 Since for me, the Runes are drawn from the essence of all Nine Worlds, I, also, wanted to dedicate them to the Worlds. During the ritual, I hailed each of the Worlds and asked them to imbue their essence into my Runes. As I did, I could feel the energy of each world flow into my tiles.

 Then I consecrated each Rune, one by one. To do so, I first traced the Rune letter over each tile. As I chanting their name, I held each in the air to be blessed. After saying the meaning for each Rune, I asked that the Gods  that it would be “read right” and be worthy of the Well of the Wyrd (Fate).

 To finish the ritual, I bid farewell to each of the Gods. Then I asked Sibb and Thunor to return my ritual space back to ordinary use. Blowing out the candle, I ended the ritual and put everything away. While putting the Runes back into their bag, I could feel their renewed connection to the Well of the Wyrd.

This ritual can be found at : Runic Consecration Ritual

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