Sunday, April 20, 2014

Book Review: Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals by Susan E. Davis

Susan Davis, a physical therapist for animals, wrote “Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals” for people whose pets are facing a health crisis. The author writes, “When faced with a particularly difficult challenge in life, I have always felt the best weapon of combat is knowledge. Along with that is keeping a positive attitude.” Whatever the diagnosis may be, the pet owner wants to understand how he or she can help the ailing animal. To achieve this end, Davis outlines various health problems that many animals can develop. After each ailment, she explains various therapy plans and solutions.

Although Davis focuses on dogs, she gives examples of her work with other animals – birds, reptiles, and assorted mammals. Her explanations tend to be technical but I feel that the book is helpful since many owners want to be as well informed as possible. Two things that the author repeatedly stresses is that aftercare for surgery is often neglected, and that a professional therapist is necessary for most treatment plans to be successful.

To see how useful this book can be, I spoke with a friend who rescues Welsh corgis. She has an elderly male who is arthritic, and a young male, who had knee surgery. Suggestions from this book helped my friend care for her dogs. My friend had a ramp put in to ease the climb up the stairs for both dogs. To support the neck of the arthritic dog, she used a round pillow. (This dog eventually died but his last days were spent in comfort.)

In several chapters, Davis discusses how an animal’s joints function, and how injuries occur. However, a lay person can grasp her technical presentations. Davis emphasizes that after knee surgery, physical therapy is needed. She stresses consulting a professional therapist for this, since someone without knowledge of how muscles work can cause further injury. This information spurred my friend to get physical therapy for the young male corgi.

In her book, Davis offers commonsense suggestions for pet owners in caring for their animals. Some of these activities, the owners can do themselves, while the others, they will need the help of the veterinary staff. Writing in mind for all animals, Davis helps to ease the concerns of their owners. I would recommend this book for people who love for animals, and want to enhance their lives.

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