Monday, April 28, 2014

Divination: Norse Runes: Three Rune Layout

 Three Rune Layout:  1  2  3

To practice Rune casting, I used several Runic layouts – the three, five, and six tile ones. I did the readings in one week on particular days. (Saturday was the day of the Norns, Monday – Freya, and Wednesday - Odin.) Focusing on a single problem, I wanted to see if the answers from these various Gods would differ. I wanted advice on my conflict with another person in my therapy group for people with brain injuries.

The questions I asked for each casting focused on how I could handle this conflict and to learn from it. Processing strong emotions with an injured brain is difficult. I often find myself screaming and shaking at small irritating things, which is normal for people with brain injuries. In my therapy group, my goal is to learn how to deal with strong emotions in a constructive way.
To consult the three Norns, I did the Three Rune Layout on Saturday. I asked “What do I need to do to not react to this person’s provocation.” The first Rune, “The Root of the Problem,” was Hagalaz, meaning “chaos, crisis, and sudden change.” The second Rune, “the Present Situation,” was Eihwaz, “reassess the situation.” The last tile, “The Most Probable Outcome,” was Mannaz, “the support of the family.” The Norns were telling me to head off disaster by delaying my reaction, and to instead seek help from the group. By me asking for the group’s help, we could all learn about regulating strong emotions. 


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