Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Divination: Norse Runes: Five Rune Layout

 Five Rune Layout          3
                                2    1    4

To seek out Freya’s advice, I did the Five Rune cast on Monday. I asked, “What can I learn from this conflict.” The Five Rune Layout adds “Help” and “Fate” to the Three Rune Layout. The first Rune was Gebo, “gift,” the second Othila, “the ancestral legacy,” and the third Perthro, “luck.” “Help” was Hagalaz, while “Fate” was Nauthiz, “need, hardship.”

Looking at the layout, I see that this conflict is a gift. Help in the form of a crisis means that the group therapist can see how we fight and guide us through our conflict. Acknowledging our legacy means recognizing that we have injured brains, which greatly affects our perceptions. My fate was that I needed to experience this conflict to deal with my strong emotions. Perthro, Freya’s answer to me “dare the fight,” i.e. take the chance.

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