Saturday, May 03, 2014

Divination: Norse Runes: Six Rune Layout

 Six Rune Layout is the same as the Five Rune Layout with the sixth Rune under the fifth one.
The Five Rune Layout

To find out what Odin had to tell me, I did the third Rune casting on Wednesday. My question for Odin was, “How do I learn to handle future conflicts.” Using the Six Rune Layout, I cast the same layout as the Five Rune one, and added, “Fresh Influences Affecting the Situation.” “Present” was Eihwaz, while “Past” was Berkano, “creating a new life.” “Help” was Kenaz, “insight and solutions,” while “Fate” was Mannaz.  The “Result” was Fehu, “wealth and good fortune”. Meanwhile, “Fresh Influences,” was Mehwaz, “change and adaptability.” Odin is telling me to use creative thinking and group support, and I would become wealthy in my relationships.

The common theme in my Runes castings was Hagalaz, Eihwaz, and Mannaz. This crisis has caused me to assess my overall situation as a person with a brain injury. I need to be patient with myself and others. With the support of the group, I will be able to grow from this conflict, and handle other ones as well.

NOTE: A more experienced Rune caster noted the following "Well done, however, when trying to compare things (such as the advice you would receive from three different deities), it's best to change just one variable at a time. So, for example, you could try to see how different lay-outs would work on the same day for the same deity OR you could try to see how the same lay-out would work for different deities on  different days OR you could try to see how slight changes in the wording of your query change the outcome. As it was, you changed three variables (the days, the wording of the query, and the lay-outs), so now you do not accurately know which variable changed the outcome."

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