Wednesday, May 21, 2014


elephant seal sleeping on the shore
The largest of all Seals, Father Elephant Seal towers over all his Wives. What gives Elephant Seal his name is his huge size and his elephant trunk-like snout. Along with his bellowing roar, Elephant Seal attracts many Females to be his wife by inflating his snout to an immense size.

Father Elephant Seal arrives at his breeding beach a few weeks before his Wives, to establish his territory. By raising his head and chest, tilting his head back, He issues a loud bellow to intimidate other Elephant Seals. Usually that works, but when a particularly stubborn Seal wants his territory, Father Elephant Seal rams his bulky body against his Rival and bites Him. By the time his Wives arrive, Elephant Seal has his territory.

After breeding season is over, Everyone goes their separate ways. Alone, Elephant Seal will travel from continent to continent. In searching for his favorite food, Squid, He will dive as deep as 1,250 meters, and stay underwater for as long as an hour. Few Seals, let alone other Mammals, can do these feats.

Father Elephant Seal demonstrates the many aspects of the Male Spirit. He bellows and inflates his snout to impress the Ladies, and to announce what is his. His enormous size enables Father Elephant Seal to travel long distances both on the ocean’s surface and below. His dark side is his need to dominate to the point of risking his life. However, all things balance out, since Father Elephant Seal is the favorite food of Great White Shark, the Queen of the Seas.

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