Monday, May 05, 2014

WALRUS: Hidden Talents

Although Walrus’ home is the Arctic, He is well known. Familiar to everyone, Walrus is often depicted in cartoons as a banker. With his long tusks, wrinkled skin, and mustache, He makes an unforgettable sight.
Related to Seals and Sea Lions, He shares the same Pinniped characteristics of ‘fin feet’. Walrus may have flippers for feet, but He is better known for his tusks. People in the Arctic call Him “tooth walker”. Moreover, Walrus’ scientific name Odobenidae is Greek for “one who walks with his teeth.”

Walrus spends his days resting on ice floes or swimming in open water near the shore. Where there is no ice, He hauls out (pulls himself out of the sea) on to rocky shores. Walrus enjoys sunbathing, and like many people, He gets sunburned. (His name “Walrus” comes from the Norse languages for “rust-colored whale.”)
Usually, you can find Him in a big pile of other Walruses, usually a hundred or more. Walrus communicates with his Friends with knocks, bells, clacks, and whistles. However, if Someone takes up too much room, Walrus will poke Him with his tusks, forcefully telling the other Walrus to “Move over.”

Walrus uses his distinctive mustache to search for food. He feels the sandy bottom with his sensitive whiskers. When Walrus finds a Clam, He squirts high power jets of water out of his mouth. He uses his talent to imitate a water drill to loosen the Clams living under the mud. Afterwards, He sucks up the Clams like a vacuum cleaner.

Walrus has many hidden talents. He moves on all fours as fast as a man can run. He uses his “squirt” to get clams. Walrus’ strong sense of touch comes from his mustache. There is a lot more to Walrus than his tusks. Remember how Walrus uses his talents and learn how to use yours.
A walrus sunning himself

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