Thursday, July 28, 2005

Slow Motion Gets You There Faster

Watched a slug wend its way over a water main. Slowly, slowly, but surely the slug moved forward until it was crawling in the grass. I remember the old Hogie Carmichael song, "Slow Motion Gets You There Faster", and the lesson of the slug.

Sometimes just moving along at slow pace helps you to focus on what direction you want to do. You get there just the same but you get to see the scenery along the way. As for my slug friend, it was doing fine eating insects.

Slugs eat a lot of harmful insects, so don't kill them. They are helping gardeners eventhough many think of the slugs as an enemy. I think it has to do with how a slug looks. Long, slimey, and ickey.


Slugs are of both sexes. There are no hes or shes, justs heshes or its.

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