Monday, July 25, 2005

A Visit from The Toad

Most people think of toads as ugly little creatures. I think they are wonderful in their warty way. Toads have a certain dignity about them that frogs don't.

My late father-in-law looked like a toad - short, squat, and warty. We called him "The Toad". When he died, we were visited by the biggest, fattest, ugliest toad you ever saw. This huge toad greeted us daily by the front door. I was told that it was my father-in-law looking in on us as a protector.

I saw a small toad today in the grass. A tiny thing hopping towards the pile of rocks, I wished him well. I felt happy that a toad had come to visit.

Toads are magic. They have the mythic toadstone on their head. That is one of the reasons for the stories of the enchanted frog (which is what toad is). Next time you see a toad, think magical thoughts.

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