Saturday, July 23, 2005

Swallow on the Roof

A family of barn swallows come yearly to my condo building to nest. For about 15 years now, they come and build their nest under the porch lights. It isn't spring until they come.

I watch them swoop through the air catching insects. Recently, they fledged two young swallows. The fledgling was on the ground crying to his mother to come feed him. She flew near him trying to get him to fly. He would hop and flutter a bit. Finally, he flew.

I saw one of the fledglings on the porch roof. He was just sitting there preening himself. Looking like he owned the place.

I enjoy the swallows. They seem so cheerful in what they do, and fearless too. They recently decided to start another clutch. So, I conclude that they must also be hopeful too.

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