Monday, August 23, 2010

Crow: Sanity

Crows drive some people crazy, while amusing others with their antics. Most people are familiar with these medium-size black birds. They see crows everywhere, roosting in trees, eating road kill, swooping down to grab someone’s lunch, or mobbing the unfortunate owl. Whoever they are, everyone has an opinion about crows.

What people do agree on are the crow’s intelligence, adaptability, and versatility. A member of the songbird family, this sooty black bird uses his voice for other things than singing, such as chattering and calling to his friends. One of the most highly evolved of all birds; the crow’s intelligence is on the level with primates and dolphins.

The crow uses his intelligence to good effect. To open mussels, the carrion crow will drop them on docks. Many crows use tools to crack open eggs. Other crows watch people to determine when the best time is to steal their food. Faced with a problem, the crow will think it through, and then work it out. The crow does not continue to try things that obviously do not work.

The crow may drive people with insane with his activities. But unlike people, he does not keep doing the same thing over, expecting different results. The crow does not indulge in that type of behavior. Learn how to be sane from the crow.

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