Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Synchronicities and Coincidences

By tracking synchronicities for one week, I became more aware of how much they do happen in my life. When I am working on a crossword puzzle, the word will be featured on a television commercial. Or I will be writing about a bird, and one would appear on a program. In fact as I wrote this paragraph, a commercial for “Pecola, the Penguin” came on.

As a Roman Pagan, I usually look for signs to see that my offerings have been accepted. The Gods usually send me little signs to tell me that They have heard me. For example, one of the emissaries of Mars, the God of War, is the woodpecker. These birds usually do not gather at my feeding table. However, this week I saw various species of them eating the peanut bars that I had put out. Mars has been letting me know that He will help me in my endeavors.

The God Mercury, who oversees money and commerce, prefers offerings of dimes. Often I find dimes in odd places to offer to Him. When I find a dime, I wonder is this a stray dime or an answer from Mercury? Am I setting up a matrix to see the dime in a certain way? Is Mercury really communicating with me? Would I have found the dime, if I was not looking for a sign from Mercury? Did I place a particular meaning on this dime?

To answer this dilemma, I consider Friday the 13th, which seems to be a day that everyone associates with bad luck. They pay attention to the awful things that happen on that day. Then they add to the idea that Friday the 13th is a day of bad luck. But is it? Would these awful things carry as much weight on Saturday the 13th or Friday the 11th? Would they have the same import? It does not seem to. Only on Friday the 13th do a lot of people focus on the happenings of bad luck.

As for the found dime, I choose to think that my ritual set something in motion. For me, it is a call and response. I pay attention to the dime, and see it as Mercury’s answer. We are having a conversation. I make offerings, and Mercury answers with dimes. Perhaps bad luck on Friday the 13th is another call and response. People set “bad luck” into motion and it appears.

I think what is happening is called “riding the synchronicity wave”. Being a good surfer is having the skill to understand the language of the Cosmos. For me, synchronicity is how the Cosmos speaks to us. (At least it is for me.) Finding coincidences and seeing them as promptings from the Cosmos enables us to understand it better.

Since doing this, I have become more open to the Cosmos speaking to me. Whenever, I am aimlessly thinking about something, it would pop up soon thereafter. Because I do pay attention now, we are having better conversations – the Cosmos and I. Synchronicity and my response to it have become sharpened and more focused.

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