Thursday, August 05, 2010

SNOW BUNTING: Love of Life

Snow Bunting is remarkable for She lives the farthest north of any Bird save Common Raven. She comfortably makes her home in the Nearctic and Palearctic regions. Snow Bunting will often nest in the outcroppings of glaciers, although She much prefers rocky crevices. To cope with her harsh Polar environment, Snow Bunting has feathered tarsi. In her northern home, Snow Bunting enjoys bathing in the snow. When it gets very cold, She will burrow deep in the snow.

A social Bird, Snow Bunting likes to live in large flocks when She migrates. Watching these flocks is to see Birds in constant motion. They “leapfrog” over each other, changing who is in the front and center of the flock. Because of her snow-white plumage, Snow Bunting is also called “Snowflake”. What seems to be a flying snow flurry is her flock passing by.

Snow Bunting teaches us to love life. Enjoying the snow, She plays in it. Nesting as far north as She does, Snow Bunting ably demonstrates tenacity of life. Living even in the most inhospitable of regions, She still enjoys Herself.

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