Friday, July 20, 2012

Tarot and Dragons: Imperial Dragon Oracle (1 of 3)

Cardinal Spread Reading

Since I own the “Imperial Dragon Oracle” by Andy Baggott and Peter Pracownik, I decided to use the five card spread featured in the oracle’s booklet.  According to Baggott, the “Cardinal Spread” ties “the energies of the four directions and their elements” to answer the querent’s question.  Therefore, the answer, which is the center card, is rooted in the fifth element which is the Spirit.

Setting Up
For starters, I had a difficult time laying out the spread, since the cards of this deck were hard to shuffle.  When I finally laid the cards out, My Dragon Guide did not think that they answered my question.  So then, I spread the cards out on the table, and picked out five at random.  After laying them out according to the “Cardinal Spread”, My Guide decided to switch two of the cards.  We did this because our efforts were focused on finding the appropriate cards for the answer.  Finally, a sixth card, “The Seeker (0)” (which is “The Fool (0)” in the Tarot) kept showing up to “finish” the spread.

My question for the “Cardinal Spread” was “How do I connect with my difficult Ancestors?”  I felt the need to honor all my Ancestors, not just the acceptable ones.  I wanted to find an appropriate way to include the more unsavory ones.

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