Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tarot and Dragons: Imperial Dragon Oracle (3 of 3)

Since “Destiny (10)” seems vague to me, the additional card of “The Seeker (0)” made more sense.  Once I follow the progression of the first three cards from “power” to “mercy” and finally “love”, I will be on my way to a new beginning.  With the creativity of the Magus, I can appropriately honor my Dead.  After doing all of this, I will have a future of my own choosing.

In this reading, I also noticed how “power” is balanced by “love”.  My Guide switched the positions of “Power (4)” and “Love (6)” to have the three card progression answer my question.  A different pairing in the cards is “Mercy (5)” and “The Magus (1)”.  In this case, the mystic joins with the hierophant to become an integrated spiritual person. 

Adding to the energies in this spread are the astrological influences of each card. “Power (4)”, which is influenced by the Fire Sign Aries, is in the position of Earth.  “Love (6)”, is influenced by the Air Sign Gemini, is in the position of Fire.  The two Fire elements are tempered by Earth and Air.  Meanwhile, “Mercy (5)”, influenced by the Earth Sign Taurus, is in the position of Air.  “The Magus (1)”, governed by the planet Mercury, is in the position of Water.  In this case, the element of Air (from Mercury and Gemini) is complemented by Water and Earth.  Finally “Destiny (10)”, which is governed by Jupiter, leads to “The Seeker (0)”, governed by Uranus.  The answer to my question is that my Spirit will experience expansive change and be liberated, once I follow the steps laid in the spread.

This reading was on target in regards to my question.  It gave me insight to my dilemma of what I needed to do for my difficult Ancestors.  Moreover, I was looking for a way to disentangle myself from their past, and yet have a future of my own.  The “Cardinal Spread” showed me how to accept Them for what They were.  With the creativity of the Magus, I now see my Ancestors more favorably since without Them, I would not be here.

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