Tuesday, July 03, 2012

MANTA RAY: Agility

Looking like a giant bat, Manta Ray is the largest of the Rays. She prowls the surface of the seas, unlike other Rays. When She swims, Manta will leap out of the sea from time to time. Somersaulting and cartwheeling on the sea's surface, the Manta inspires awe.

Called by some "devilfish", Manta Ray will circle small boats, scaring people, but never hurting them. This graceful creature glides through the ocean eating plankton. Alone, Manta Ray sails through the seas. Manta Ray shows you how to navigate rough seas, but, remember, unlike the Manta Ray, you do not have to do it alone.
Manta Ray's Wisdom Includes:
Ebb and Flow
Love and Happiness
Living Large

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