Saturday, July 21, 2012

Tarot and Dragons: Imperial Dragon Oracle (2 of 3)

“The Cardinal Spread”
Card 1: North (the power of earth): “Where the root of the issue lies?”
The card drawn for North is “Power (4) (which is “The Emperor (IV)”).  According to Baggott, this card means “strength, determination, and authority.”  The author further stresses that the energy of “Power (4)” is for maintaining and restoring the balance of things.  My answer to the root of the issue is that I need the determination to restore the balance between my Wanted and Unwanted Dead.

Card 2: East (the power of air): “Your guide in this issue.”
The card drawn for the second position is “Mercy (5)” (which is “The Hierophant (V)”).  According to Baggott, this card means “compassion”.  “Mercy (5)” is the lesson that we learn when we see how our conduct acts as a mirror, which reflects our attitudes onto others.  Therefore in working with the Difficult Dead, any determination must be tempered by mercy.  “Mercy (5)” is my guide to accomplish this.

Card 3: South (the power of fire): “What you need to learn from this issue.”
The card for this position is “Love (6)” (which is “The Lovers (VI)”).  “Love (6)” presents a choice for me: to either embrace a new way of looking at my Ancestors or continue on in the old way of resenting Them.  The keyword of this card is “acceptance”.  For me, that means I need to understand my Ancestors and why They made their choices.  Like the element of Fire, love will burn away my resentment of the past. The fruit of my mercy will be the acceptance of my Ancestors. 

Card 4: West (the power of water): “Obstacles or challengers you need to be aware of.”
The card drawn for this position is “The Magus (1)” (which is “The Magician (I)”).  “The Magus (1)” is like the element of Water since He creates and changes forms at will.  Baggott alludes to the energy of this card as “drawing down spiritual energy”.  I interpret this challenge to use my energy to accept my Difficult Dead.  Their choices may have been right for Them but not for me.  Like “The Magus (1)”, I can use my creativity to find a way to honor Them and still keep my integrity intact.

Card 5: Center (the power of spirit): “The potential future if lessons are learned and obstacles are overcome.”
The final card is “Destiny (10)” (which is “The Wheel of Fortune (X)”).  This card means accepting the past in order to have a better future.  I view life as a Sacred Round where we return back to where we started, having gained new wisdom.  I can honor my Ancestors for being a part of my Family Line.

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