Friday, June 20, 2014

Bardic: Finding Awen in Many Ways

Searching for Awen is something that Bards need to do in order to create their works. “Finding” Awens differs with each Bard, since all perceive Awen in their own particular way. However, one of the most common and easiest things that Bards do is to go out into Nature. A Bard would simply sit or walk in Nature, while becoming hyperaware of her surroundings. She would then speak to a tree and listen to its wisdom. While hearing the rustle of the wind or the call of the squirrel, a Bard goes deeper into Nature and discovers Awen.

 “Finding” Awen can by experiencing Bardic works. The creative fire of Awen is often exchanged between Bards in this manner. Through the efforts of one Bard, Awen flows to the other Bard, who embraces his piece. Listening to a symphony or reading a poem places a Bard in contact with Awen, that fills the creation.

  Spending time in devotion to the Gods is another way to “find” Awen. Performing regular rituals such as morning devotions or High Day observances will place the Bard in contact with the Divine. In this sacred time and space, a God may come to inspire the Bard to compose an ode in their honor. At other times, the Bard communes deeply with the Divine, and receives the “fire in the head,” compelling her to create.

 A Bard can seek Awen by wandering on the land. After finding a proper listening spot, he prepares to listen deeply to the Spirit of the Land. By employing meditation and paying close attention, the Bard can touch Awen through this Spirit. 

 During particular times of the year or at specific places of the earth, the door to Other Worlds will open. Going through the portal, a Bard can enter these Other Lands. This experience itself will connect the Bard to the wonder and awe of Awen. However, the Bard needs to take care not to become entrapped in the Other World.

 Through their craft, Bards can “find” Awen. By creating a song, picture or some other work, the Bard immerses himself into the stream of Awen. As the Bard deepens his contact through his craft, the more Awen will course through him. Awen usually comes to the Bard who opens himself up to create.

 As a channel for Awen to the present World, the Bard is the intermediary between Awen and people. She gives voice to the unseen and unperceived parts of the Worlds. Therefore, the Bard has to take special care in “finding” Awen. Moreover, she has the responsibility to “use” Awen wisely.

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