Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Bardic: Finding Awen: Otherworlds: Fairies and others

After days of cold rain, the weather finally broke to become a delightful spring day. Therefore, I embarked to the local Nature Preserve – Hidden Pond Park. This park, complete with hills, meadows, swamps, and woods, is a pond and creek complex. As I headed towards the Nature Center at the park, I was greeted by a carpet of violets – purple, white, yellow, and mixed. While I walked the downhill path to Pohick Creek, I saw bluebells, spring beauties, and trout lilies. Nearer the creek, fiddlehead ferns were unfurling their heads.

At a bend in the creek, the water formed a small pool. When I sat down, two mallards landed and paddled around. Sitting in the warm sun, I felt drowsy as I held my stuffed lady bug. (I use “Peesey” to travel to the Otherworlds.) Wild fairies were sailing on little leaf boats in the air and on the water. Acting playful, the fairies were laughing until they saw me. Enraged, these fairies ordered me to leave. Since they despised humans, I hastily departed, after leaving an offering to appease the angry fairies.

 After that, I walked up the path to another part of the creek. An ancient oak leaned over the water exposing a huge hole made by its gnarled roots. Holding onto Peesey, I sat down and “descended” to the entrance. Coming through a tunnel, I found myself in a village populated by dwarves. The place hummed with purposeful activity, as the dwarves were busy crafting objects out of various metals. Because of their blast furnaces, the place was hot. I sweated but the dwarves seem comfortable. As their hammers struck against the anvils, a chiming music filled the air. As I wandered around, I noticed that the place was filled with bright colors. However I got the feeling that I was a distraction to the dwarves working, so I left.

 Arriving at the pond, I sat on a bench near some mud turtles basking on a log. As I watched them sun themselves, I fel asleep, waking up in a meadow near a babbling creek. I heard bumble bees buzzing, and bullfrogs croaking jug-a-rums, at the pond nearby. Meanwhile, Canada geese honked a welcome, as the ruler of the place, a fat toad, came to check me out. I apparently passed muster since he decided to sun himself near me. Feeling at peace, I relaxed and slept.

Afterwards, I got up and went home. When I arrived home, I pondered the difference between the three places where I had been. Were they all part of one single Otherworld? Were they all different Otherworlds? I wonder if all the descriptions of the Otherworlds collected through the ages were the six blind men trying to describe an elephant. My feeling from my experience was that I was at different locales of the same Otherworld.

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