Monday, June 30, 2014

OSTRICH: Speed and Knowledge

A native of Namibia, Ostrich is the world’s largest Bird. At speeds of 70 km per hour, She runs faster than any other two-legged animal. Not only that, She also lays the largest eggs. What many people remember about Ostrich is her bizarre appearance: her long skinny neck and legs.

The !Kung tribe of Namibia hold Ostrich in great reverence. She provides for them by offering her meat for nourishment and her eggs for water carriers. In ancient Egypt, Ostrich was the representation of Ma’at, the Goddess of truth and justice. She weighed the heart of the deceased for truth. Those who passed her test went into Osiris’ presence, while those who failed were cast into the Netherworld of darkness.

Unique among birds, Ostrich has hoof-like feet, which help Her to run rapidly from danger. Kicking up sand as She goes, Ostrich swings from side to side as She runs across dry riverbeds. Even when walking, She is not slow. Powered by strong leg muscles, Ostrich walks about eight kilometers per hour.

Learn from Ostrich when and how to run from danger. She does not bury her head in sand; instead She runs. The notion of Her putting her head in the sand comes from Ostrich’s lowering her head as a means of protection. However, if alarmed, Ostrich will begin trotting fast. When totally frightened, She sprints away quickly on her strong feet. Ostrich understands that speed and knowledge will protect her.

Although Emu resembles Ostrich, They are not related.

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