Monday, June 09, 2014

Divination: Norse Runes: 12 Rune Life Layout

Because my life is in flux, I decided to do the Twelve Rune Layout known as “the Runic Wheel” for a life reading. “The Runic Wheel” is ideal for me to read accurately and wisely. I did the layout on May Eve (Walpurgis Night), since it marked the change between the light and dark halves of the year for the Norse. This crack in time was a good time to do a life reading.

 As I prepared to do the reading, I laid the Runes out counter-clockwise as directed by the layout. I noted each triadic grouping as well as any natural grouping such as “Self,” “Health,” and “Relationships.” During the divination, I looked for any particular messages from the Runes.

 Starting at the Nine o’clock position of “Self,” I drew Ansuz. For me, this Rune means that I am under the protection of the Gods. After I became injured, I felt the presence of the Gods come into my life. They have been guiding my life since.

 At the Eight o’clock position of “Material Position,” I drew Ehwaz. I interpret this Rune as “movement and adaptability.” Any new ventures that I start would be successful. However, I need to seek cooperation from other people to reach my goals.

 At the Seven o’clock position of “Communication,” I drew Isa. Because of my brain injury, communication with others is difficult. Isa reflects this blockage in my brain. What this Rune counsels me is that I need to wait first before speaking, so I do not stutter. 

 At the Six o’clock position of “Family and Home,” I drew Uruz. My family is like the wild Aurochs represented by Uruz. We are strong, passionate, and mentally ill. Managing our illnesses is like riding the Aurochs, but together we are able to do it.

 At the Five o’clock position of “Pleasure and Creativity,” I drew Berkano. This is the Rune of birth and rebirth. For six months, I have been struggling with a long fallow period of doing nothing. My zest for being creative has been noticeably absent. Drawing Berkano gives me hope that I should see the start of renewed creativity and the desire to write again.

 At the Four o’clock position of “Health,” I drew Dagaz. For me, Dagaz means “breakthrough, relief or some sort of dramatic life change.” Since my brain injury affects my over-all health, it makes becoming healthy, problematic. Because of this, I have made very slow progress in returning to good health. This Rune tells me to expect positive changes and improvement.

 At the Three o’clock position of “Relationships,” I drew Nauthiz. My brain injury creates difficulties because I miss social cues, frustrating me and other people. Nauthiz, the Rune of “need and obstacles,” informs me to be patient and use as much self-control as possible.

At the Two o’clock position of “Sex Life,” I drew Othila. For me, this Rune means “a sense of belonging, legacy, the Ancestors.” As I pondered this, I decided that the Ancestors are with me and want me to enjoy my husband. After all, that is how our line is continued. (This is their legacy to me.)
At the One o’clock position of “Ideals and Dreams,” I drew Mannaz. I understand this Rune to be “family and community.” My ideals and dreams arise from supporting my family and community. By serving my community, I can achieve my own ideals. 

 At the Twelve o’clock position of “Ambitions and Aspirations,” I drew Wunjo. For me, this Rune means “success and joy.” I was stumped as to how to interpret this Rune in this position. “Joy” could be a goal for me. I intend to do something joyful each day such as bird watching.
 At the Eleven o’clock position of “Friendships,” I drew Jera. This Rune means “harvest,” which I interpret to be: “I will reap the benefits of my friendships.” By maintaining the high quality of my relationships, my social life will improve. 

Finally at the Ten o’clock position of the “Subconscious,” I drew Kenaz. A part of my injury is being disconnected with parts of my brain. Kenaz, “the Torch,” will help me to illuminate these parts. Eventually, I will become more integrated, and more in touch with my subconscious.

 Looking at the Triads, several pictures emerge. From “Self” to “Material Position” and “Communication” flow Ansuz, Ehwaz, and Isa. From the Gods come my material comfort. However, I need to be still and ponder my good fortune.

 From “Family and Home” to “Pleasure” and “Health” flow Uruz, Berkano, and Dagaz. Deriving strength and robustness from my family, I can be reborn into a new period of creativity. By being reborn, I will receive a breakthrough in my recovery from my brain injury.

 From “Relationships” to “Sex Life” to “Ideals and Dreams” flow Nauthiz, Othila, and Mannaz. Because of the obstacles of learning social cues, I need to be in contact with my Ancestors. From them, I receive a sense of belonging. Now I can support and be supported by my community. 

 From “Ambitions and Aspirations,” “Friendships,” and the “Sub-conscious” flows Wunjo, Jera, and Kenaz. Since I seek harmony, I will harvest good friendships. With the help of my friends, my subconscious will be illuminated to me. 

 The Triads present a cycle building up to confirm that my struggles in relating with others will be rewarded. The connections between me and other people will improve. As long as I honor the Gods and the Ancestors, I will have a synthesis of vitality and testing which will help me overcome my ordeals in communication.

 The Runes for communication and relationships includes Isa and Nauthiz, reflecting my handicap. However, balancing this out is Jera, which tells me that if I am patient, I will reap a good harvest. Meanwhile, the Runes of self and the subconscious is Ansuz and Kenaz, which says to me that the Gods will connect me to myself. Adding to this is my sex life denoted by Othila, the Ancestral Home. My life may be in flux now, but this is necessary for me to achieve a breakthrough as denoted by Berkano and Dagaz.

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