Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Big Green Bug

While I was doing the laundry at the laundry mat, a big green bug rested on the inside wall. It was a huge insect. Naturely I wanted to know what it was.

Unlike most people, I find bugs to be friendly creatures. Most are and are worthy of our notice. In the Middle Ages, when bugs infested crops in Europe, they had trials. The bugs had an advocate who pleaded their cause. Sometimes, people would decide to build a place for the bugs to feast. Other times, they asked the bugs to leave.

At Bob Patterson's Entomology Hobby Page, there is a color picture of 'my bug' - the leaf hopper. He writes, "Shape, Color and Pattern: You could decorate a small christmas tree with these Leafhoppers of the Family Cicadellidae, not Cicadas, Family Cicadidae. Features making them stand out from Planthoppers: overall body pattern, different wingshape, and spines along the hind tibia (leg), not to mention wing veination." Imagine your tree decorated with beautiful insects.

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