Sunday, August 14, 2005

A Few Bugs In the Laundry Mat

What I am finding is that my local laundry mat is a haven for bugs. All sorts of bugs like to fly in between the screens and rest on the machines. We have moths, leaf hoppers, and spiders. I never knew that an urban laundry mat could be an adventure in nature.

I have no problem with the bugs but some of my fellow laundry types do. One woman just hates the big bugs and shoos them away. Most of the bugs just sit there and do nothing. However, I guess people just dislike them for being so alien looking.

Inchneumon Wasp

The recent movie, "War of the Worlds" featured Martians that looked like Inchneumon wasps. I guess it was the perfect way of getting people to be afraid of them.

More information can be found at Everything About Wasps and Insects

From ANIMAL Teachers: Crawling Ones:

The Crawling Ones are usually small, creepy, and crawly. Moreover, They give many people "the creeps." Go beyond the “ick factor” and learn what Crawling Ones have to say. They are opportunists, and one of the most diversified life forms.

As long as people have been on Earth, Insects have been a part of their lives. Insects provide food or live off people; protect or ravage crops. One fourth of all living animals are Insects. They are found in every place on Earth, adapting to all sorts of environments.

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