Friday, August 12, 2005

A Good/Bad Month for Sea Turtles

(Olive Ridley Nesting from Sea Turtle Restoration Project)

First the bad news, there was a carnage of sea turtle bodies in one of Mexico's protected beaches. The poachers wanted only the eggs for sexual purposes. WHEN WILL PEOPLE REALIZE THAT TIGER WHISKERS, SEA TURTLE EGGS, BEAR GALL BLADDERS, DO NOT HELP! The more we can convince people of the non-health effects of these and other animal parts, the better the animals will survive.

The good news, a Green Turtle made a nest in one of the beaches in Virginia. This is first time north in a long time, that a turtle had laid her eggs this far north. That beach has been protected by the Commonwealth against evil poachers.

I call them evil for the simple fact of greed. Pure simple greed.

How can you help these turtles? Adopt a nest
Adopt a Nest
By adopting a nest of baby turtles, you will be helping protect a species that has existed since before the dinosaurs. Adoption funds support sea turtle conservation work, including:
projects to protect sea turtle nesting beaches
efforts to ensure that sea turtles are not needlessly caught and drowned in industrial fishing lines and nets
international programs to teach local communities about sea turtle conservation.

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