Monday, August 22, 2005

Birds on the Porch

I have been putting out chunks of stale bread on my balcony. I have been visited by flocks of sparrows and wrens. Cardinals come early in the morning, while ravens during the day. The sparrows will fight with each other about who has the biggest piece of bread. They drop the bread and the ravens will scoop it up.

From my ANIMAL Teachers' site: Birds:
Birds fascinate people. Many people set out feeders to attract Birds to their Gardens. Others travel distances to spot a particular bird. People watch Birds fly, perch in trees, and sing to each other. What is it about Birds that draw people to them? People tell you they love Birds for the joy they bring.

Birds teach living in the moment. A flash of brightly colored feathers, then They are gone. The sight of a Condor soaring in the sky makes people pause and watch. Crows amuse people by their antics. A lonely call of the Loon fills people with longing. Constantly in motion, Birds teach people to live in the moment.

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