Saturday, August 13, 2005

The Meaning of Turtles

Why should anyone care about turtles, let alone sea turtles?

Nothing on earth today is like Turtle. The Turtle’s unique design–their ribs fused to their shell and leg bones tucked inside their body cavity–is a hallmark of the family. Turtles have been on earth since before the dinosaurs.

Turtle teaches tenacity. They have walked on the earth for millions of years. While other species have come and gone in that time, Turtles are still here, alive, well, and going about their lives. From ANIMAL Teachers: Turtle Family

“As about, so below, and within. The gentle sea turtle acknowledges the delicate balance between ocean and earth, and reminds us of the importance of respecting both.” Copyright: “Wisdom of Australian Animals”, Ann Williams-Fitzgerald.

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